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Red Doors

Integrated Marketing

Creatives & Production

Social Media & Influencers

Paid Advertising

CRM & Analytics

Arch Wall with Curtain

Strategic Management

Public Relations

Cultural Events & Research

Web Development

Digital Advisory


The REALM team assist clients in marketing and planning process, including seasonal and regular activities, with budget consulting, risk management and public relations advisory.

Marketing & Planning


Public Relations & Media

Our team of marketing and media planning specialist provide media relations and PR services for clients, and also on data analysis and quality assurance on investment cost-effectiveness (ROAS Return on Advertising Spend) of different channels.

Sales & E-commerce

We constantly dedicate to assist clients in B2B (business to business) and B2C business(business to consumer) on business development, design & media services, and also facilitate E-Commerce marketing and planning.



REALM is a truly inclusive team aiming to deliver client's branding messages across all generations, from developing Gen Y and Gen Z (post-90s and post-00s) markets to consolidate the market share of age 35 to 60+ and millennial audiences, our high caliber team is here to help.

Generation Inclusive
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