SEO management

CRM campaign management

Google Ad Campaign management

UI/UX, QA Control, Website building

E-Commerce set up and optimization

 Marketing Management for Start Up/ M&A




Digital Design

Public Relations 

Social Media Management

Affiliate/ Programmatic Advertising

Cultural Research, Reviews, Copywriting

Radio/ Print/ OOH (Production & Media Buy) 


Strategic Management

B2C and C2B markets: REALM is here to pioneer and assist client's the day to day business goals, including E-Commerce and cultural IP buy-sell strategies. We also collaborate with clients on some in-house cultural IP and IoT projects, including project market space and affiliate marketing, targeting millennial and Gen Z markets.   

Management/ Consulting

REALM is here to assist and deliver one stop solutions for strategic marketing, preparing for future funding, merger, and acquisition. Most of our clients on roster are on regular cultural management plans, which deliver all rounds cultural consulting to help clients enhance the competitive edges.