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  • Wing Cheung

Premium Clinic summer campaign is now on!

Premium Clinic offers professional aesthetic management, body slimming, and pain management services in Markham, Ontario. With over 20 years of experiences, Dr. Reza and his team helped numerous patients to achieve improvements with satisfaction.

There is a variety of certified professional services Dr. Slim offered, such as body slimming (CoolSculpting️, Zerona, Liposonix️, LPG, SculpSure); pain management (Chiropractic, knee/shoulder/body pain); and aesthetics management (Alma Laser, RF Microneedling, PICOSURE, IPL, Ultherapy️).

Premium Clinic and Dr. Slim team have a vision to help clients achieve satisfaction and find out the cosmetic procedures that best fit their individual skin types and body conditions, then recommend personalized treatment plan. The team of compassionate and caring, certified experts will work hand in hand to deliver service excellency.

Limited time summer promotion for up to 50% off at first time experience. Selected services included: Cool Sculpting, Picosure, Alma Laser, Alex Laser, Deep Cleansing Facial, RF Microneedling, Sculpsure, and Ultherapy). Complimentary consultation available.

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