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Pacific Mall Presents: Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival 2022

The 2022

Celebration has successfully ended on September 11th. During the 11-days event, we have welcomed and served over 60,000 visitors and tourists with our cultural shows, special booths and the photo booths will be continued at center stage area until September 30th, 2022. The show included the 4 in 1 elements - marathon stage shows, cultural booths, photo booths, and fundraising raffles. The event has brought great success on Pacific Mall’s social media and on-site visits, and showcased its enchanting atmosphere, well-established commercial potential, and unique position as one of North America’s most popular shopping center of Asian cultural heritage.

The one of a kind featured shows on both September 3rd and September 10th, 2022, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. The cultural performances demonstrated the diversity of Chinese art and culture that synthesized tradition and modernity. It was a magnificent spectacle and innovative venture. We were proud of the artistic brilliance of our performers, and the audiences had good feedback about the show. The featured singers brought songs in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, and won round after round of applause from the

audience. The traditional musicians who specialized in Guqin and Pipa elicited people’s nostalgic feeling. In addition, the dance performances sparked the stage with both Korean-Pop and traditional Chinese music.

Pacific Mall is the largest indoor Asian shopping mall in Canada. The mall includes the Heritage Town, food court, center stage and underground parking, all function as a notable tourist destination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over 350 stores & over 2000 parking spaces, over 14 major/ signature events all year around.

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